How do I know what action rod to select and if that action works well with my application?

This is the most confusing aspect of fishing rods among most all anglers. Everyone has their own perception or idea of what their version of a Fast action is supposed to feel like. Same goes for all actions. Trey has removed the confusion buy helping your ignore the action and instead use the Main Rod Filter or Help Me Choose rod filter to dial in on a particular rod power that has the ideal action. Example: for thick cover or big baits, you will only need a Moderate action. For the lightest lures, a fast action is all you need. And for most of your typical lures and structure, a Fast or Moderate-Fast action is ideal. So allow Trey to help you choose the right rod with the right action by using his amazing filtering system. Focus on choosing the right 'Power' rod for the application so you can get hook penetration and fish pulling power as required. Remember, rods are not just meant to cast a lure easily or feel the lure only.

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