Can I order replacement guides?

We can repair your rod guide(s) OR you can replace it yourself.

• **To have us repair:** Ship your Rod, insured and protected with packaging to our factory address 30603 Beyette Rd, Magnolia, TX 77355 along with a detailed note of what you need done. Once we receive it, we will inspect it and contact you with the repair cost and collect payment information. Turn around time is approximately 2 weeks. Cost is approximately $20 plus $5 for each additional guide. Return shipping is $29.

• **To repair it yourself:** Go to [Guide Replacement Product]( page and fill out the info. We need to know which rod series your replacement guides are for, what year the rod was manufactured or purchased, how many guides you need, and which specific guides you need replaced. From there, you can find a local rod builder or research on YouTube to replace your guides.

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